Phase 1. Vitual Land NFT Sale 
BlockEarth is a virtual globe that bridges the gap between virtual reality and physical reality, where geographic locations in the real world correspond to virtual locations.
We are offering a virtual land NFT that can be claimed in the form of a square to build a community and provide a stake in our joint success. 

Development of NFT conversion and NFT transaction and storage technology by world landmark grade

 Phase 2. Virtual Land Blocking 
Virtual space diversification consists of a total of two stages. The first is a 2D satellite image that divides the space and forms a detailed line of the area in 3D. This virtual land NFT proves ownership, and the land NFT held will soon mine BlockEarth tokens into the mining pool. 
 Phase 3. Virtual Place diversification 
Diversification work and 3D work by continent, country, and city of the map. Optimization scaling and detailing work
 Phase 4. Collecting resources in your own land 
Resources are created in Lands and NFTS owned by users. Resources are divided into wood, stone, iron, gold, etc. These resources can be exchanged for various items
and can increase the value of the land. 

Acquirable Resources

 Phase 5. Metaverse VR360 
Metaverse VR360 provides access to virtual realms within VR through 360-degree panoramas, which are treated as a source of royalties and as part of the generated solution or sales and advertising revenue. You can create your own space by using NFT, increase the number of square meters of that space, and use NFT to decorate the interior space. We will continue to increase the value of your land through stable growth 

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